About Us

The Toxic Twins are hard working & free spirited girls, who don't believe in apologising for having a good time.

The Toxic Twins was a name bestowed on us back in the day it didn’t take us a week to recover from one bottle of bubbly too many. Always on the look out for nifty ways to keep our youthful looks and feel fabulous, what started with dream on! sleep on it detox, has blossomed into a range make-me-feel-good or make-me-look-fab fixes.

We'd never publicly admit to this, but, (off the record you understand), we are a marketers dream, if it promises to shine, buff, polish or renew it’s on our bathroom shelf within minutes. Our combined spending on every conceivable patch, potion or pill will be best left to the imagination! Only products passing our rigorous toxic tests would get to stick around.

Our product range consists of fixes we’ve found along the way that allow us to have the fun — no apologies required!
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