How to Lose 2 Stone in just 2 Weeks…..

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by thetoxictwins |
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We might be guilty of some false advertising here but please don’t hate us for it. This article sadly won’t tell you how to achieve unrealistic goals in unhealthy time frames but what we hope to highlight is how we are all after a quick fix ‘Get Slim’ plan no matter what the price may be. Sadly it seems us ladies are willing to go to any lengths to get a trim physique even if that means risking our health and wellbeing in our lust to achieve unrealistic weight loss goals. With all these fad diets, pills, exercise regimes and exercise merchandise flooding our Facebook Timelines and Twitter feeds, the Toxic Twins want to bring you something a bit different, and something a bit more honest. No, you won’t lose two stone in two weeks but we can guarantee you will be a lot closer in two weeks to your goal than you will be following unhealthy diet plans.

So sit back and read The Toxic Twins four simple tricks to have you slimmer and trimmer just in time for summer.

1. Make a Promise to Yourself…and only Yourself!

So many times we set out on a weight loss journey and diet frenzy if someone insults our weight. Although tempting to stop eating and starve yourself the very moment someone utters the words ‘you’ve put up weight’, this really isn’t the healthiest of options. Yes, of course starving yourself is never an option but besides this, the person who should be making this decision and taking this journey is you. You can’t have someone push you into action with weight loss, this is a recipe for disaster. If you feel you want to lose weight then do it for you and no one else. Weight loss takes time and effort, it isn’t going to happen overnight so you are in this on your own and you have to know you can rely on yourself.

To get you started on this journey sit down and make a list of promises to yourself of things you can do or maybe stuff you can buy once you reach your goals. Break down the amount of weight you want to lose and treat yourself each time you reach this weight loss goal. Maybe you can buy yourself a new fitted dress to show off your new slimmer bod?. Or plan to go on a trip you’ve been putting off?. Whatever it may be, these little goals and treats will make weight loss all the more interesting and keep you on track to achieving your goals.


2. Find your Motivation

What makes you want to change your body?. It is a looming summer holiday?, Maybe a big birthday on the horizon?. Whatever it may be it is important that you find a reason to lose weight and change your body. Once again ensure this is your reason and not a reason for other people, the change has to come from within. To ensure you last on your weight loss journey to a better body and healthier life you have to dig down deep and make a list of why you’re doing this, write as many as you want, maybe even write one for every day of your journey. These pieces of motivation won’t take you more than ten minutes to complete but they will keep you on the right path and ensure you don’t go astray on your journey.


3. Change your attitude!

To make a meaningful change to your body you first need to change your mind. This is why crash diets and fad diets do not work and you end up with more weight than you started with. Besides being very unhealthy they fail to work as they do not involve any change of attitude. The user goes in looking for a quick fix and a quick fix is what they get. For real maintainable weight loss you need to change your attitude to weight loss, you cannot see it as something which will happen overnight. You have to be willing to work for it and make lifelong changes to your eating and exercising habits. It's not enough to exercise straight for two weeks, you have to be putting a plan together for two years. This change to your body must first begin with a change of mind, once you have tuned into your drive and determination you’re halfway to achieving your goals even if you have yet to lose a pound. It is your mind which will have you completing this journey, if you get yourself in the right zone you will be unstoppable. Maybe sign up for a marathon that’s a year away? or aim for a fitness goal that will give you something to work towards. Whatever it may be, if you have something to work towards and aim for your attitude and willpower to succeed will see you through it. It is so important to have your mind in the right place because when a setback comes along, which they always do, you will not take to binge eating like you would with a fad diet, you will find another way to achieve your goals and work around whatever gets in your way. This is why a change of mind is so important in any weight loss journey.

4. Get Moving

Exercise and moving more is vital in weight loss but in our list and tips you may notice it comes very last. The reason for this is because getting yourself in the right mindset is far more important than the actual process you decide to use for weight loss. Once you have decided on your goals and got yourself into the right mind-set nothing can hinder you in your weight loss journey. When it comes to moving more and getting active you can start to have some fun and enjoy your weight loss. This is an excuse to get out of the house and get some fresh air on a walk or run, or maybe take up dancing, or an activity you never thought you would have the guts to do. It is important to get moving and burn those calories but it’s more important to have some fun while doing it. Your real work, and real focus will come from your lists, goals, promises, willpower and determination, the rest will look after itself.


So there you have it ladies, our four top tips for weight loss and feeling amazing just in time for summer. You won’t lose two stone in two weeks but by now we should all know that simply isn’t an achievable or healthy goal to aim for. Set your goals and work towards what is achievable for you. No you won’t end up a size zero but we guarantee you will find yourself feeling much happy and healthier in your own skin :)

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