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by thetoxictwins | Posted in News
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It seemed only fitting to start the new year with some detox posts, so over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing some post-party season beauty remedies. For starters, it's these Toxic Twins foot patches - what better way to start a cleanse when you're still feeling fragile than the laziest way humanly possible. For those unfamiliar with foot detox patches or 'sap sheets', you simply stick them to the soles of your feet overnight and wake up feeling like a new woman.
A grand claim? Maybe. But somehow these really do seem to work. If you suffer from restless sleep, difficulty getting up in the mornings, and low energy they're definitely worth a go. There are three different options depending on your different needs - Original, Lavender (to help you sleep) and Green Tea (to alleviate bloating).

The only downside to these is the odour of the plant extracts inside (detoxifying tourmaline bio stone, bamboo vinegar, eucalyptus tree vine, and agarikus mushroom). They kind of smell like burning. Also your feet are coated in a weird black sticky goo in the morning. But it only takes a minute to wash off and apparently that's just all the weird, gross shit they sucked out of your body. Yay, foot patches!
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